Industrial Radio Remote Control Systems

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Radio Bridge

Reduce the need for complex or problematic wiring with the Nbb radio bridge. A drop-in solution for numerous cabling issues.

Precision engineering Combined with efficient, Ergonomic design are the DNA of NBB™ controls and components GMBH of Germany.

Radio Bridge

Features /

  • High quality German robust design
  • Single or bidirectional digital / analog telemetry system with dedicated safety channel
  • Transmitters and receivers are housed in the small Compact M or Compact V enclosure
  • Various I/O options available such as: CAN, digital on/off, analog etc
  • The radio bridge can be adapted for a vast scope of applications where cables are not practical
  • Fully customised to the application
  • Transmitter is continuously linked with receiver with monitored emergency stop system
  • Wide operating voltage with low current consumption
  • 67 radio channels with ‘Listen Before Talk’. The transmitter listens to see what is transmitting in the local area and automatically selects an unoccupied radio channel.