Industrial Radio Remote Control Systems

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The NBB™ product range provides peace of mind that you are operating highly engineered equipment used globally in some of the harshest areas of our planet.

Safety is at the core of the NBB™ design.

Safety concepts are woven into every aspect of the design, from the hardware and ergonomic controls though to the electronic design and software.

Every time you operate an NBB™ system there are layers of processes operating in the background to keep you and the people around you safe.

All NBB™ radio remote control receivers perform a physical self checking process of the emergency stop system. The receiver will automatically open and close these safety relays to ensure that the contacts are not welded and are functioning correctly before use. So when you press down on the emergency stop button you know it is going to shut the machine down every time. Joysticks have dual tracking to validate operations to prevent unplanned movements. The transmitter will lockout any joysticks that fail in this way and give a visual notification on the display.

Complex algorithms perform self checking of the data packets to ensure data integrity from transmitter to receiver. If the data integrity is compromised the system will passively shutdown in less that 500mS. The fully monitored design means the transmitter is always connected with the receiver. If this connection is lost the system will shutdown safely.

A machine will not continue to run if an operator goes out of range. Customised safety features can be implemented to uniquely suit your application. Control interlocks, deadmans, delays, button keycodes / sequences can all be programmed into your custom design. A variety of special switches are available such as lever lock toggle switches to prevent operators from inadvertently operating certain functions. If you want something safe you have come to the right place.

People who demand reliability and safety when it counts use nbb™.

What sets the NBB™ radio remote control system apart?

Over 40 years of design, innovation and industry experience

Ergonomically designed controls

an Industry leader in design and technology

Easily maintained and serviced with features such as plug and play joysticks

Highly refined single board electronic design. There are no multiple circuit boards with interconnecting cables, connectors and wires – These are points of failure

High quality, rugged componentry. The systems are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions

Transmitters are built with high quality, durable toggle switches, pushbuttons, joysticks and rubber boots

Potted receivers to protect against vibration, dust and moisture

All of the transmitters and receivers are fully programmable allowing for software updates, changes and modifications greatly reducing the need for additional hardware or add-ons

many external controllers can be eliminated and incorporated within the NBB™ system due to design and software flexibility