Industrial Radio Remote Control Systems

Authorised Australian & NZ Dealer for NBB Controls & Components GmbH, Germany

In the world of science,
Signal to noise is the difference between a wanted signal and background noise. A clear radio station against the white static.

This is also symbolic of our company’s commitment to clarity and transparency in communication, problem solving and collaboration with our clients.
We aim to inspire trust and confidence. It informs the way we organise and operate, from the elite products we sell through to the high level technical service and support our people provide.

But it isn’t just about world class technology, it’s about insight, understanding and forging unique relationships. This is our DNA, our signal.

Signal to Noise Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company incorporating products distribution, design labs and service workshops. We offer plug and play radio remote control solutions to suit highly specific applications.

By combining the sharpest minds in electronic design with vast industry experience we work with high competence on solving complex problems and customising units for unique needs. Expert selection guidance and advice helps facilitate precise partnering between product and application for our customers.

When you purchase a system from Signal to Noise it is the beginning of a relationship. For us, the sale of a product represents the start of an ongoing responsibility to our client and their machine. Long term, safe operation of machinery in any industry, in any environment requires not only highly reliable control hardware but also a seamless integration of backup service and support.
We’re here for the journey.

NBB Australia

We are the exclusive dealer for NBB Controls and Components GmbH of Germany in Australia and New Zealand. These are world class systems, combining ergonomic design and precision German engineering at an affordable price. They offer unrivalled reliability and safety under any conditions, in any environment. Programming and software is done locally in Australia allowing custom transmitter and receiver solutions to be delivered at short notice.

Radio controls for hydraulic applications in Australia are popular. NBB transmitters and receivers comfortably integrate into the world of hydraulics. Proportional joystick remote control provide users a smooth interface with their machinery. The NBB radio control system is a mini computer that can be programmed and adapted to match your exact application. A vast number of parameters such as hydraulic speeds and ramping can be adjusted via laptop interface. This gives users a large scope of flexibility and control. NBB has an extensive product range to cater for hydraulic control and pneumatic control.

Safety is at the core of the NBB radio remote control design and forms the starting point for all our systems. When we assess an application, we incorporate into the design as many safeguards as possible to reduce the risk of hazards. This may be as simple as guarding buttons right though to double redundancy circuits and complex software algorithms that verify commands and information sent back from the machine.

By using our applications menu you can find the most popular products for your industry. Whether it be ergonomic toggle switch and joystick transmitters for concrete pumps or robust pushbutton transmitters for cranes and winches, you will find a solution here.


Mining and Exploration

Drilling Machines
Excavators / Diggers
Tracked Vehicles and Tramming
Pipeline machines
Tunneling and Boring
Crushers / Screening
Rock Breakers
Milling Machines
Conveyor Belts

Concrete Pumping

Concrete Boom Pumps
Concrete Line Pumps
Trailer Pumps
Grout Pumps
Satellite Pumps
Concrete Agitators


Grain Tripper / Stackers
Drive Over Grid
Grain Carriers
Chaser Bins
Harvesting machines
Stump grinders
Pipe Welding Machines
Mowing Machines

Transport & Automotive

Elevated Work Platforms
Boring Machines
Cable Winding Vehicles
Municipal Vehicles
Vacuum & Water Jetting Vehicles
Water Cannons
Car Carriers
Tilt Trays / Tow Trucks
Skip Loaders
Side Loaders / Container Lifts
Truck mounted cranes
Railway Servicing Infrastructure

Cranes & Winches

Bridge Cranes
Overhead Cranes
Construction / Tower Cranes
Winches / Wire rope and chain hoists
Container Hoists
Tow Trucks / Tilt Trays
Truck mounted cranes


Boat Lifts
Container Hoists
Luxury Yachts
Ship loaders

Lifting Equipment

Elevated Work Platforms
Lifting Platforms
Scissor Lifts
Container Lifting
Workshop Platforms

Special Systems

Levelling Transmitters / receivers
Radio Proximity Detection
EX proof
Radio Bridge

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