Industrial Radio Remote Control Systems

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smart, energy efficient radio remote control systems that sit on the leading edge of digital technology.

nbb™ takes research and development seriously. latest advances in electronic and radio frequency design steers the evolution of their products. these are world class systems that offer unrivalled precision and reliability, low power consumption and are customisable for unique applications in any industry, in any environment.

Surface Mount Joysticks ‘SMJ’

The unique design of the SMJ joystick allows for the user to replace worn joysticks. This saves considerable downtime on the machine as the transmitter does not have to be sent away for service. The joystick plugs into a fully moulded receptacle which prevents water entering the transmitter via the joysticks. Large joystick holes in the housing are a weakness often exposed in harsh environments, a problem that is eliminated with this unique design.

Listen Before Talk

When the transmitter is switched on it ‘listens’ to see what is transmitting in the local area and automatically selects an unoccupied radio channel. This feature gives reliability in areas of heavy radio traffic such as constructions sites and city areas.

67 radio channels

All NBB transmitters have 67 user selectable radio channels. The channels are not divided into banks, all channels are available. This gives unrestricted operation across the full radio band. For the operator this means greater reliability and significantly reduces the chance of radio interference and drop outs. If needed the operator can easily move well away from any radio interference.

CMOS transistor outputs

The NBB radio remote control receiver has CMOS transistor outputs that will switch off if an overload is detected. They self protect. Transistor outputs give high reliability and are not prone to wear and fatigue such as mechanical relay contacts.


The NBB radio remote control transmitters and receivers are mini computers. Like all computers they are programmable. All the programming is done right here in Australia. Which means that updates and changes can easily be implemented at short notice.

We can customise transmitters with LCD screens to include your company logo and uniquely design a graphic interface to match your application. We discuss your application and identify any safety concerns. Once identified we create special software rules to eliminate the potential for such hazards. For example you may require certain switches to be on before another operation can be activated or a special sequence of operation. All such scenarios we achieve with programming to ensure that everything meets your expectation with operation and safety.

Graphical user interface software is also available so customers can adjust parameters when commissioning machines. Such as hydraulic speeds and ramping. Additional customised adjustable parameters can also be added. Spare transmitters can easily be paired to existing receivers without having to open the transmitter and adjust DIP switches. This means that clients with several machines can keep a spare transmitter on the shelf and easily pair it to the machine in the event the transmitter needs to be replaced.