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Pocket Evo Media

Pocket Evo
Designed for the harsh, demanding environments. With it’s rugged housing and unique control elements the Pocket Evo is built for the task.

Precision engineering Combined with efficient, Ergonomic design are the DNA of NBB™ controls and components GMBH of Germany.

Pocket Evo Media

Features /

  • High quality German robust design
  • Designed for hash environments to withstand extreme mechanical influences
  • Strong impact resistant housing
  • Unique Surface Mount Pushbutton ‘SMP’ design
  • Up to 8 SMP pushbuttons
  • Buttons can be replaced via a special tool without opening transmitter.
  • Single step, double and 3 step options available.
  • Unique proportional pushbuttons available
  • Rotary selector switches and potentiometers available
  • Customised functionality, momentary, latching functions, interlocking and special operations.
  • Optional LCD screen for display of functions or customised data feedback.
  • Radio key. The special removable key stores the transmitter code and is used for pairing a transmitter to a receiver. They key can easily be removed and placed in a spare or
  • replacement transmitter.
  • Transmitter programming is done locally in Australia
  • 67 radio channels with ‘Listen Before Talk’. The transmitter listens to see what is transmitting in the local area and automatically selects an unoccupied radio channel.
  • Fully customised transmitter layouts
  • Transmitter runs on AA rechargeable batteries
  • Battery pack option also available
  • Up to 9 hours of continuous operation for AA or 12 hours for battery pack