Industrial Radio Remote Control Systems

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Radio Proximity Detection

Protect your operators, protect your machines. This product can shut the machine down when it comes too close to an operator. All engineered within the one radio control system.

Precision engineering Combined with efficient, Ergonomic design are the DNA of NBB™ controls and components GMBH of Germany.

Radio Proximity Detection

Features /

  • High quality German robust design
  • Safe guarding of radio control operator via unique radio detection system
  • The NBB transmitter and receiver is fitted with an additional low frequency radio system that allows the transmitter to know the distance between the operator and the machine.
  • 6m detection radius
  • Different zones can be set up to determine certain actions within that zone
  • Within certain zones the machine could be configured to shutdown or restrict operations.
  • It can also be configured to simply warn the operator of the machine proximity via alarms etc
  • The Proximity Detection can be fitted into the belly box style transmitters.
  • All the standard NBB features are available in combination with the Proximity Detection