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Compact-V DC-R34

The Compact V is a medium sized receiver that caters for a high number of outputs and interfaces. One of the most popular and adaptable receivers.

Precision engineering Combined with efficient, Ergonomic design are the DNA of NBB™ controls and components GMBH of Germany.

Compact-V DC-R34

Features /

  • High quality German robust design
  • Synthesised scanning receiver with 67 radio channels
  • Up to 28 PWM outputs. PWM outputs can also be configured as CMOS on/off
  • 4 CMOS outputs. A total of 34 CMOS outputs if no PWM is required
  • 2 CMOS ground side switching
  • 4 analog 0-10V outputs
  • Up to 4 digital opto inputs
  • 3 DC analog inputs
  • 2 x CAN interfaces
  • RS232 / RS485 interface
  • 4A max switching current
  • Force guided emergency stop relay
  • Self checking of emergency stop relay
  • Separately fused emergency stop circuit
  • Connection via multicore cable or customised cabling and connectors
  • Optional multipole connector/s directly mounted to receiver enclosure
  • Typically supplied with prewired multipole connector and plug base
  • Easily accessible programming / calibration port
  • Calibration of proportional outputs / speeds can be adjusted via computer interface
  • Manual adjustment of speeds can be also done from the transmitter
  • Fully programmable to match the application
  • 2 diagnostic LEDs
  • Optional potting / encapsulation of internal electronics for vibration protection
  • External mount antenna connection
  • Unity gain and high gain antenna options available
  • 8-35V DC operating voltage